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Kevin McGrath's motocross passion

In an industry that takes hard work and dedication, Kevin McGrath finds a balance between career pursuit and personal passions. As a seasoned tunnelling expert, Kevin’s respite from work lies in the thrilling world of motocross. With appreciation for life’s passions and work dedication, Bothar is happy to support Kevin’s love for motocross through sponsorship.

Growing up in Ireland, Kevin enjoyed playing Gaelic football and tearing through dirt tracks on his motorbike with fellow kids. What started as neighbourhood kids just messing around in the dirt transformed into a competitive pursuit as he entered the world of motocross. “It’s a rush, the adrenaline, the atmosphere around the pits.” He adds, “the comradery with the other racers, it’s a race on the track, but off the track you’re good buddies. The whole atmosphere is like a community or a little family”.

Having spent more than five years in this industry, Kevin sees every challenge that pops up as an opportunity to conquer. He finds this line of work to be incredibly fulfilling—the most satisfying gig he’s ever come across. “It’s a challenge, if you’re thrown in the deep end to get a job done, you have to figure it out, get her done safely and go home.” With tunnelling projects constantly presenting new challenges, this requires our teams to adapt, learn, and problem-solve on a daily basis. “No day is the same.” Kevin thrives on the continuous learning and the sense of achievement that comes with each tunnelling project completion. “It’s a great accomplishment when you start on a project, work hard to get the job done and get to see the actual finished project. “

For Kevin, the true highlights of his time in the industry stem from the connections he has forged and the invaluable lessons he has learned from his colleagues. Liam’s calm demeanor to Dan’s unwavering dedication, he draws inspiration from his team members who possess qualities he admires. The collaboration and shared determination of the team foster an environment where they work together to overcome roadblocks. “With a team of hard workers, it’s easier to come through and get the job done.”

In the off-season Kevin appreciates Canada’s open spaces; biking down rivers and trails, equipping his tires with studs for Canada’s winter conditions.

Homeland memories are strong with everyone, and an interesting recall for Kevin is his first-ever concert in Ireland which happens to be Eminem.

When it comes to picking a meal for a lifetime, believe it or not, Kevin’s ultimate choice comes straight from your local gas stations deli in Ireland, a Chicken filet sandwich on a baguette.

Bothar’s is committed to living our values, and by supporting and investing in our employees’ passions we foster an environment that celebrates teamwork and a culture of camaraderie. With our people as the foundation of our success, Bothar sets the bar high in the trenchless construction industry as a trusted partner and an industry leader.