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With our Direct Pipe® Installation experience, no obstacle is too great

Bothar is a North American leader delivering Direct Pipe® Installation solutions. This one-pass method simultaneously excavates the borehole and installs the pipe making it highly effective and efficient in all types of geology. With our Direct Pipe® Installation experience, no obstacle is too great. From harsh weather conditions to challenging ground compositions, our Direct Pipe contractors have a proven track record of successfully completing projects on time.

What is Direct Pipe® Installation?

Direct Pipe is a Herrenknecht processed , trenchless tunnelling solution that combines microtunnelling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) techniques. Combining these two methods enables prefabricated pipe to be installed in one-pass instead of first tunnelling the pipe route and then installing the pipe. The Direct Pipe® method uses a pipe thruster that grips the pipe from the outside to push it into the ground in strokes. Slurry and excavated material are passed through the pipe in lines installed throughout the length of the pipe. These lines are on rolling support structures for simple removal once the installation is complete. 

Direct Pipe® installation can be used to install pipes from 900mm to 1,500mm in all types of geology. With one-pass, the borehole is supported by the pipe throughout the installation process giving it an advantage over other methods in softer or sandier soils. Direct Pipe® does not require shaft construction – its starting point can be close to the ground surface, and the process is controlled remotely, giving the Direct Pipe® operator  the ability to adjust the pipe route up or down and perform precise curved alignments.  

Direct Pipe® installation is used for pipeline crossings under roads, railways, residential areas and bodies of water for utilities, fiber optic cables and oil and gas. We are North America’s trusted leader in pipeline crossings because we are direct pipe contrators with extensive experience. Our in-house experts monitor every aspect of the installation process and are able to adapt the approach if necessary. If unknown obstacles are encountered, such as differing ground conditions than anticipated or discovery of a protected species, our crew is able to adjust the equipment or method as necessary to deliver a successful project. 

Direct Pipe Advantages

The Direct Pipe® Installation method has many advantages over other tunnelling methods. If you are familiar with horizontal direct drilling (HDD) or looking to include HDD in your upcoming project, read the below advantages of Direct Pipe® and contact us if you’d like more information.

Reduced environmental footprint

Direct Pipe Installation reduces your overall environmental impact by reducing the amount of geological disturbance. It’s one-pass method does not require the additional construction of shafts. The borehole and pipe installation occur simultaneously with the point of entry near the ground surface. It is an optimal solution for projects that require access from only one side such as sea outfalls, and can be used in congested urban areas as well.

Remotely controlled for precision

The entire process is monitored and remotely guided by one of our expert operators in a control station near the pipe entry point. The operator is able to precisely guide the pipe along the predetermined route and make necessary adjustments of the pipeline through curves and slopes.

Rapid installation

Direct Pipe® Installation greatly reduces the time required to install pipelines because it simultaneously excavates the route and installs prefabricated pipes. Slurry and excavated material are transported through the pipe along rolling support structures that can be simply removed once the project is complete.

Permanent borehole support

With Direct Pipe®, the pipeline is being installed simultaneously as the soil is being drilled which provides permanent support to the borehole. This is especially important in softer, sandier soils that could lead to increased geological impact if the borehole is not supported sufficiently. Direct Pipe® reduces this risk and the time and equipment required to ensure proper support.

Reduced cost

With the many advantages of Direct Pipe® come overall project cost savings. This method reduces the overall project time by not requiring vertical shaft construction nor a pre-drilled pipe route to complete the crossing. By reducing the time and equipment requirements, this method can help you realize economic benefits.

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