North America’s leader in trenchless construction

Bothar is a North American industry leader in trenchless construction with a focus on safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility. We have a combined international experience of over 30 years when it comes to microtunneling, direct pipe installation, pipe jacking, shaft construction, auger boring and more.

From trenchless utility installation  to completing trenchless pipeline crossings, Bothar is the number one choice when it comes to expertise, dependability and trust in trenchless construction. We serve a diverse range of clients of varying sizes across multiple industries with the utmost commitment to excellence in all areas of the business ensuring all regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. 

We are proud of our reputation as trenchless contractors able to design successful end-to-end solutions for the most complex projects. With our advanced trenchless technologies, our solutions minimize disruption to the project’s surroundings. Whether the pipeline crossing is in a congested urban area or environmentally sensitive location, we significantly reduce disruption to the public and natural landscape. 

Ideal solutions for your trenchless construction projects

We understand all drilling requirements regardless of ground geology. From soft, sandy soils to gravel and rock, our trenchless experts have the knowledge and the technology to complete any project. When working with us as your trenchless contractor, we become trusted partners advising on and executing the best methods to complete your underground construction projects of any size and scope. With Bothar’s trenchless methods and expertise, your solution options are customizable, adaptable, and precise. Explore our trenchless solutions below. 

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Trenchless installation of pipelines beneath complex and environmentally sensitive areas.
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Direct pipe installation

A fast and efficient one-pass tunnelling approach that launches from surface along a curved profile.
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Shaft construction

Shaft construction of various diameters and depths specialize in jacked caisson and underpinning techniques.
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Pipe jacking

Trenchless method for installation of steel pipes and concrete casings often used for shallow installations.
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Auger boring

Horizontal boring through soil or rock in any area where the ground cannot be open cot or disturbed.
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Specialized equipment

Bothar built, remote operated, precise specialized equipment

Our promise

As your trenchless contractor, you can trust we strive to complete all of our microtunneling  projects to the highest safety, environmental and social responsibility standards. Guided by our values, we are committed to sustainable business practices and client satisfaction, which we achieve through our expertise and state-of-the-art trenchless technology.

Health and Safety

Our safety culture is based on the belief that physical, psychological and social well-being of all is a priority. This belief extends to our clients, our community and our environmental responsibility.


Caring for our people and protecting the environment is our passion. Our trenchless technology and construction execution strategies ensure minimal environmental impact while supporting and maintaining public amenities.

Indigenous partnership

Many of our operations are located on the traditional lands of Indigenous Peoples. We have built strong relationships with Indigenous Peoples that we deepen by respecting and following our Indigenous guiding principles and continually working with these communities to increase our understanding of the rich culture and history to mitigate impacts with our trenchless technology and collaborative approach.

Featured trenchless projects

We’ve completed many successful projects using trenchless technologies across North America. Our trenchless experts have experience in all environments, weather and geologies to complete the projects regardless of potential challenges..  

Whichever industry,

We're trenchless contractors that have you covered

Building the world beneath you for over 30 years.

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Oil & Gas
Supporting Oil & Gas sector through our Direct Pipe® Microtunneling solutions for trenchless pipeline crossing projects.
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Water & wastewater
Putting safety first while providing superior underground service for urban development needs.
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Installing safe, dependable, trenchless utilities pipelines to support municipal projects.

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