Shaft construction

Trenchless tunnelling and pipeline installation requires a pit or shaft sunk from the ground surface into a tunnel for the purpose of furnishing ventilation or access to the tunnel. This shaft is also a discrete entry point for launching of trenchless technology equipment. The jacking shaft may incorporate a trust wall to spread reaction loads to the ground and an entry ring to control inflows of groundwater and soil at the portal. Bothar has successfully constructed shafts of various diameter and depth using jacked caisson, underpinning techniques, soldier piles, secant piles and sheet piles.

Bothar specializes in advanced planning and selects the most appropriate shaft design based on geotechnical conditions, groundwater considerations and available workspace all while holding safety to the utmost consideration.

Shaft construction advantages

  • Minimal impact on the surrounding area and ground surface

  • Eliminates the need for scaffolding

  • Limited dewatering

  • Supports microtunnelling in considerable depths

  • Can be easily sunk in urban, densily populated areas

  • Time and effort for remediation is relatively low

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