Health and safety is at our core

At Bothar, we guarantee we will deliver the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance. Our safety culture is based on the belief that physical, psychological and social well-being of all is a priority. This belief extends to our clients, our community and our environmental responsibility.

We deliver on our promises by


physical, psychological and social wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers and our neighbours


safety of all by taking measures to prevent incidents and injuries ensuring all people return home unharmed


environmental footprint while maintaining public amenities and infrastructure


managing all aspects of our operations to fulfill compliance obligations

A culture focused on safety

At Bothar, we are building and supporting a strong safety culture through continuous improvement and implementation of our safety programs. We achieve a standard of competency from our employees and contractors through:

  • Leaders at all levels ensuring that health, safety and environment are a top priority.

  • Setting clear objectives to measure our performance and to support our commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Providing appropriate resources, support and training to ensure health and safety for all.

  • Everyone being responsible for identifying hazards, determining risks and being involved in the risk control process.

  • All personnel having the authority and responsibility to refuse and stop unsafe work without repercussion.

  • Transparent and open communication on health, safety and environment to increase awareness.

  • Diligent operational audits and inspections to support compliance with legislation and our policies.

  • Training for all that work with us to meet our standards and expected responsibility for adhering to our HSE programs and policies.

Safety is everyone's responsibility

5 Steps


Assess and analyze









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