Meeting Brad Baldwin, Site Supervisor

"One team, one mission"

Brad has been with Bothar since October 2022, working as a Site Supervisor, and has already grown to appreciate the culture and the work we do.

Brad has always been interested in the construction industry as a career path and has continually taken steps in terms of education, safety training and certification, and on the job experience to get closer to his career goal of one day being a construction manager.

What drew Brad to Bothar was our passion and commitment to the environment, types of projects we work on, and our environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable practices for microtunnelling and underground construction. “[Bothar] is a growing company that is heading in the right direction” Brad mentioned, as we operate in the industry sector that he is most passionate about. He enjoys all aspects of the job and projects he works on from “planning, scheduling, procurement, execution and seeing it through to the end”. Microtunnelling is “very interesting with a lot of components. It’s important to pay attention to details”.Brad enjoys being on site and getting his hands dirty working with the crew as “everybody respects one another and they’re always ready to lend a helping hand”. He has huge appreciation for the On-Site Mentorship Program as it helps everyone feel supported during their training process; ensuring confidence and quality in the final task execution. “You know you’re only as good as your weakest link” he added. Brad speaks highly of our culture which is driven by our diverse people who always treat each other as equals. This observation extends to Bothar’s leadership that is always there to support the crew with daily activities “just like a teammate”.

Teamwork is Brad’s most important value “because that’s what it ALL comes down to”. “Innovation, safety and quality” can only be accomplished with teamwork.

Brad will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day by running a half marathon. Perhaps the celebration of the engineering patron can continue later on with Pizza and a Johnny Cash song.