IPC to join Bothar Group of Companies

Shareholders of Innovative Pipeline Crossings (IPC) gathered for a special meeting on October 29th, resulting in a positive vote for the amalgamation of IPC and Bothar Group PTY LTD.

Earlier this year the IPC board conducted a strategic review to consider growth opportunities. During its review, management was introduced to Bothar Group of Companies, a global tunneling contractor that operates within the range of the top Microtunneling and Auger Boring companies in the world. Bothar is an Australian based company with almost thirty years of cutting-edge expertise in trenchless contracting industry. It has active operations in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe with over 900 employees globally, consisting of 28 different nationalities. As Bothar was seeking entry into the North American market, the timing of this introduction could not have been much better.

Given this development, IPC is now able to provide Tunneling, Microtunneling and Auger Boring services ranging from 300mm up to 4.000mm. While the first Auger Boring equipment has landed in Calgary and is already getting prepared for the next job, IPC is involved in tendering for major Microtunneling projects throughout the country. Additional resources are being mobilized to Calgary to support the team during this growth period.

It is Bothar’s intention to retain the majority of the staff and management team following the transaction, as existing staff and management add specific know-how and continuity of the business. As of November 1st, Peter Hennig will be named the new CEO of IPC. Gregg Biggs will remain as part of the management team in leading the business development strategy. In addition, Bothar will provide key individuals to help expand IPC’s business into Auger Boring, Tunneling, and Microtunneling operations.

This amalgamation opens options for IPC to tender in international markets, as well as submit alternative bids on North American pipeline and civil projects. Bothar’s entrance into the Canadian market is a positive change to the local trenchless industry, promising to expand technological expertise in Alberta’s workforce, create options in collaboration with local prime contractors, and stimulate competitive bidding for clients.

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