Enbridge (Spectra) Moberly River High Pine Expansion (South Loop)

This 400m, 42” diameter crossing was completed in 2017 with unique soft geological conditions consisting of sand and silt. These conditions meant that IPC had to make modifications to it’s process and operations, to maintain and stabilize face pressure advance rates up to 1.30mm/min (78m/h), where required

This crossing was executed by IPC simultaneously to another Direct Pipe Installation IPC was working on in the province of Ontario. This was the first Direct Pipe simultaneous installation by a contractor in North America.

With this project also being regulated by the NEB, IPC’s installation passed all NEB inspections throughout the project.

IPC was selected for this crossing due to its ongoing execution success and 100% project delivery and client satisfaction.


Due to the remote site and unique ground conditions a number of challenges were encountered during installation. These included:

On-site obstacles – long commute to site, resulting in 13+hour working days. • Multiple NEB inspections, all inspections passed.

Soil and ground conditions – silt/ sand and soft (Zero Blow count) geological conditions.

Safety Concerns – soft sand conditions resulting in challenging face pressure stabilization.

Sink holes


To reduce the impact of the given challenges, several precautions were taken:

Proper planning and crew preparation.

Close client / general contractor / DPI contractor communication during planning and execution.

Equipment preparation and operation by our experienced crews and operators.


Total drilling time = 4 days

Zero Frac Outs

Zero Environmental impact on the Moberly River

100% client satisfaction

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